Holy Family, pray for us!

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Family of God,

Holy Family pray for us!

              Jesus choose to save us through our humanity. Therefore He had to become human and experience family life.  By Being part of a family Jesus reminds us that our families are special and we should cherish them.   The Holy Family, (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) had their struggles and joys like most families.  Jesus would learn His trade as a craftsman and many other things from Joseph and Mary.  Mary and Joseph would struggle on the best way to guide their Son, Jesus.  They had to trust God and work together to figure out what was the best way to keep their family together during those turbulent times.  Our present time is just as turbulent and families are being pulled apart. 

Here are some suggestions on how to strengthen your family. 

  1. Pray to the Holy Family to guide and protect you and your family.  You might choose to use one of the two prayers located in this weeks bulletin. 
  2. Every day pray for each member of your family and ask God to grant their hearts desires if it is in accord with His will. 
  3. Pray together as a family.  Start off small, maybe pray before meals and build to praying at other times and in different ways. 
  4. At different times, take turns making up your own prayer.  Address God ask for something, thank Him for what He has done and praise Him.  It is that simple. 
  5. Talk about family memories, but don’t argue when people remember things differently. 
  6. Lastly but most importantly, learn to communicate by listening with your whole being and using I statements ( I feel or I think, etc.) instead of accusing statements (you should do or you make me angry, etc.).

May God the Father help us to see each other as brothers and sisters.  May Jesus, Mary, and Joseph assist us in following their example so our families may be healed and strengthened. 

In Christmas Joy,

Fr. David

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