A Bright Star

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends in Christ,

              This has been a hard year for many of us.  Our attention this week moves away from the craziness of this past year to celebrating the birthday of our Savior.  He was born into a world of conflict and pain and among animals.  In the darkness of that world a light has shone and still shines in our world some two thousand years later.  Because of the light, darkness will never be pitch black again.  Because of the wound of original sin, we have a tendency to focus on the darkness and miss the beauty of life. Our Christmas celebrations will be very different this year, but different can be good.  It can help us appreciate better what we had and what we hope to have again next year.  It can also help us focus on Jesus, who is the only one who can guide us through the uncertainties of life. 

The Christmas Mass survey was answered by 163 families.  85% of those who answered were willing to attend Mass in either the Church or the Hall even though they had their preferences.  I thank them for being so open.  Our Church is extremely beautiful and our parish has always been welcoming to the stranger.  Therefore the staff and my top priority is to enable the majority of parishioners to experience Christmas Mass and not have to turn any away.  A location of a Mass might need to be moved but I am hoping this won’t be necessary.    I am thankful for the priests who are making the extra Masses possible not just for Christmas but also on the weekends.  We are truly blest to have their help.

Nature can speak volumes to us about our Creator.   On December 21st after Sunset and before 7 p.m. there will be a bright “star” in the sky to remind us that even in the darkness God’s light shines on.

May Christ fill this Christmas Season to overflowing with wonder and awe of God’s tremendous love for you and those you love.

In Christmas peace,

Fr. David

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