The only way to fight darkness is with light

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

              How much damage will happen to the Church and the world because of the Pandemic?  I believe it all depends on how we live our faith in answer to the Pandemic.  Let me use an example from some years ago.  You might remember the man who went into an Amish school and killed all the young girls, I think they were in second grade.  After shooting the girls he then shot himself.  This tragedy shock so many people because of the violence, but what shocked people more was that the Amish in response to it forgave the murder not just with words but with their actions.  The day of the funeral came and the majority of people who came to pray for the deceased and support his wife were the Amish.  These people embody Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness.  I remember a young adult saying to me if they can forgive so can I.  I wonder how many people found strength to forgive from their actions.  Definitely evil didn’t win that day.

With all that is happening in the Church and world, anger, depression, anxiety and darkness is growing, our faith tells us to respond with love, compassion, and mercy.  In other words, the only way to fight darkness is with light.  The more we embody the Gospel of Jesus, the more the Church will grow stronger during these times of trials and lock downs.  In truth, all of us, including myself, could have lived the Gospel more faithfully.  As we approach Advent it is a time for action.  We need to  allow our faith to transform the way we think and act.  Faith starts in the head but then must move to the heart where it begins to transform us, and then our actions will flow from the Gospel and our Catholic faith.  During this process, we need to repent for our sins and the ways we have not fully embraced the Gospel message.  With true contrition and with the Lord’s mercy to help us we can become the children of light.  What needs to change in your life?  Ask God to give you the graces you need.  Do you believe you are loved by God?  What actions in your life show others you are loved by God and in thanksgiving you love them?  How will you become a brighter light to shatter someone’s darkness?  Ask Jesus to show you the way.  Also ask Jesus to show you how you can help Him bring about His kingdom.

Lord Jesus save us from the forces of darkness, send Your Spirit to light the dark areas of our lives and help us to spread Your light wherever we go.

In Advent hope,

Fr. David

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3 Responses

  1. marlene a Smith says:

    ed & myself would set up the wooden Creche that ed had made for our 1st Christmas as a married couple 2/17/68 with the figurines we had purchased and we saved Baby Jesus til zChristmas eve.we carried on that tradition with our 6 kids& Ed’s Mom who lived with us in Cowlesville N.Y. She made me a Christmas angel figurine which I keep @ the table I eat my meals @ the group home I live At in Lackawanna,N.y.14218 for the time being
    .There is a red tree a wreath I made round the angel A wreath Siver with decorations glued to it A red bow &some jingle bells .very. festive wish I had an advent calendar. We always hung an advent calendar as a reminder of the days of Advent Edcmade me an advent candle holder & I painted a poinsettia on the face of it .its not so easy finding purple and rose candles for the weeks of Advent.I don’t get out very often these days mainly to get to doctors appts thank you for letting me reminisce !memories r a good mother in law was a member of 14 hh a long time. she was buried from 14 Holy Helpers Ed made his 2st Holy communion from there & his Confirmation I made my 1st Communion there also .Fond fond memories.Sr. Claudette was my teacher. I remember she played the guitar .Sri Mary Helena Barnett Was principle @ the school a # of yrs.She is my great Aunt in heaven A most Dear Lady to Me always encouraging me to never give up or get discouraged in my lot in life .good wisdom to follow .did u have yor cookie sale I was hoping to buy some maybe some polish placek for sharing with my present family here @ 5080berg Rd. lackawanna ,n
    y.14218 I like to participate in yor Masses where @ the group home.some others joining also. don’t u have any prayer cards of the 14 Holy helpers? I would be very grateful if u could pass some on to me & Some Oplotquie Hosts for sharing with my present family?I probably spelled that wrong ! oh well anirishwoman illness mixed with the Frenchman Chavanne.!

  2. year. with family it was always a special time set apart from the busyness of preparing our hearts too welcome in Jesus His Mother Mary Joseph her spouse.& the shephards.

  3. loved the way you gave such a solid message to the flock u shepherd @14 Holy Helpers.Advent this

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