You and the Scriptures

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends in Christ,

             What do you believe about the Scriptures?  It is so easy to think that they are about people who lived so long ago.  Which is true to some degree, but as Catholics we believe that the Scriptures are the living Word of God.  The Scriptures are not about people, but about God’s saving actions.  Since God is unchanging then we know God is still active in our lives, Church, and world.  This truth reminds us that we can experience the Living God through His Word.  Therefore, the Scriptures are also our story, about our lives and the Holy Spirit speaks to us through them.  Those who remember this truth find the wisdom to live their lives with the strength of God.  Life still has its difficulties, but it is the light of Christ guiding us. 

Where do you find yourself in the Scriptures?  Are you like the father who says to Jesus, “I do believe, help my unbelief,” or a follower of Jesus who is seeking to understand what God is doing in your life, or like Thomas finding God’s good news so hard to believe?  The pandemic has taken away so many pleasures, but how will we keep special Advent and Christmas?  One way is to take extra time to pray with the Scripture passages and apply them to our situation.  These passages are packed with hope.  Remember the old prophecies were spoken during very difficult times and the birth of Jesus happens in a very dark time in human history.

May the Word of God take possession of our hearts and fill them with reassurance that you will act on our behalf with your saving power.

Peace and healings,

Fr. David

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