St. Joseph, be our guide

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             As Catholics, we believe in the communion of saints.  This belief reminds us that the saints are with us.  A Saint is anyone who made it to heaven.  They are our friends and are willing to assist us on our way home to heaven because they love us.  We should develop a loving relationship with them.  If it is a loved one who has passed then you already have a relationship that needs to keep growing.  If it is a canonized saint we can read about their lives and their writings.  Most importantly is to invoke their help in prayer by conversing with them.  Throughout my priesthood I have heard many stories of how the saints have guided individuals and have also experienced it in my own life.  In a special way let us invoke St. Joseph.

Our Diocese was placed under the protection of St. Joseph when it was founded on April 23, 1847.         St. Joseph played a curial role in God’s plan of salvation.  I am asking you to turn to St. Joseph for his protection and guidance for our Diocese, Parish, yourself and your family.   We don’t have any of his words in Scripture, but there is much to learn from his actions.  There are many sources that can help you enter into this wonderful man’s life.  A great place to start is the website  Some books are: Consecration To Jesus Through Saint Joseph by Dr. Gregory Bottaro and Jennifer Settle, Joseph of Nazareth by Federico Suarez, and Consecration to St. Joseph by Donald H Calloway, MIC.  Please turn to St. Joseph and let him guide you to Jesus and Mary.

Lord Jesus your earthly father, St. Joseph, took very good care of You and Your mother, Mary.  You have also asked him to take care of Your body on earth the Church.  We thank you for the gift of St. Joseph and all the saints who adore You in heaven and still watch over us here on earth.  We are grateful for Your love and ask You to be our rock foundation during these challenging times. Amen

Peace and healing,

Fr. David

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