Some only see mud

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

             The Gospel this week continues teaching us the parables.  Jesus’ parables gives us the insight that Jesus saw His Father’s action and kingdom in the ordinary events of life.  Reflection leads us through the ordinary to God who is extraordinary.  The Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph teach us by their example that God can be found in our daily lives.  This is true because God is Emmanuel, the God who is with us.  It is knowing this fact that give us hope as our daily lives seem to be constantly changing.  With Jesus Christ we will not only survive but thrive.  His voice will uphold us and enable us to love one another.  The Rabbis debated how can it be that some people didn’t see the miracle of crossing the Red sea and they came up with some people never looked up.  They only saw the mud they were walking through.  We will hear His voice more clearly as we take time to look up by pondering all that is happening and to have open and honest dialogue with each other.  This type of dialogue challenges us to be honest and listen attentively to what is being said and what is not being said.  Through prayer, reflection and the grace of God may we see Jesus more clearly and heed His voice.

St. Joseph is our spiritual father.  He is always willing to help those who turn to him.  I ask you to consider turning to him to assist you and our Diocese.  Tom Wojcik, working with the Diocese of Charlotte, has created a new website called St Joseph our guide, It is only in the beginning stages so I hope you will check it out frequently and watch it grow and send us your input.

Please join me in praying the Prayer for Renewal.

A Prayer For Renewal

Lord, we are your people, the sheep of your flock. Heal the sheep who are wounded, touch the sheep who are in pain, clean the sheep were soiled, warm the lambs who are cold. Help us to know the Father’s love through Jesus the shepherd and through the Spirit. Help us to lift up that love and show it all over this land. Help us to build love on justice and justice on love. Help us to believe mightily, hope joyfully, love divinely. Renew us that we may help renew the face of the earth. Amen

Peace and healing,

Fr. David

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