Need to regenerate

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

             We see in the Scriptures, The Blessed Virgin Mary constantly taking time to reflect and ponder upon what was happening in her life and in the world.  Let us follow her example and reflect and ponder what has been happening over these past few months.  As we ponder, we need to ask for God’s guidance and understand what He is telling us.  After a forest fire the forest begins to regenerate itself.  Some seeds that had been dormant for years will begin to grow because they experienced the intense heat of the fire.  The forest will become something greater than what it was before.  With God’s assistance our community and world will become stronger and healthier after these trials.

Over the past 9 years, the SummerFest committee and volunteers have done great work in raising over $350,000.  Unfortunately because of the virus we are unable to have a SummerFest this year.  But we are looking forward to celebrating our 10th SummerFest next year. 

The great news is that we are planning a Fall Festival to celebrate our parish. This will be a first for Fourteen Holy Helpers and will be designed by a Fall Festival Committee chaired by Tom Wojcik.   Volunteers are needed and suggestions are welcome.   Please contact Tom at, so we can keep you informed of the details as this event develops.

May Jesus, who is our rock foundation, fill us with spiritual insights and hope as we move forward into a better tomorrow.

In Christ,

Fr. David

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