The fruits of the Holy Spirit

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             Sometimes we are afraid to grow closer to Christ, because we fear Him showing us our faults or He might ask us  to do something we don’t want to do.  These fears are real, but unfortunately they keep us from receiving all the marvelous gifts Jesus wants to give us.  The fruits of the Holy Spirit are just a few blessings God wants to shower upon us.  God also might show us areas in our life that need to change, but He is not judging, but loving us.  How many times in our own life we have corrected someone, because we wanted what is good for them.  If each night we would take time to see how God has blest us that day, we would become more confident in God’s continual love for us.  When this confidence increases, the desire to spend time in prayer and act of love toward God and others also increases.

Next Saturday for the first time I will be celebrating the Vigil for Pentecost.  It will be live streamed at 4:30 p.m.  The Vigil for Pentecost has an extended Liturgy of the Word.  I am very excited because these readings are very beautiful and can help us enter more deeply into God.   Even if you cannot watch it live or in its entirety please go to YouTube and prayerfully watch it.  I strongly encourage you to enter more deeply into our celebrations for the Holy Spirit, especially in praying the Novena to the Holy Spirit which can be downloaded from the parish website and you can watch it on Fourteen Holy Helpers YouTube channel.  On Pentecost we will live stream the 10:30 Mass and         Deacon Tom Sherr will be preaching.

As we prepare for the great celebration of Pentecost next Sunday may we open our hearts and ask God to flood us with His Holy Spirit.  Let us also pray for our Church and State leaders, and for each other at this time of the pandemic.

In Christ’s light,

Fr. David

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