What is your image of God?

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             In today’s bulletin we will continue to focus on prayer especially prayer journaling.  I would like you to spend time this week reflecting on the questions, What is your image of God? and Who is Jesus for you?  One way to discover your understanding of God is to examine the way you speak about Him.  When a person says “Why did God send me this problem or sickness?”  They see God as the one who deals out pain and suffering.  A parishioner told me that their child had a close encounter with death and she credited it to the fact that so many people where praying for him.  Her words showed me that she believes that God is active in the world and was working with the doctors.  What do your thoughts and words tell you about your image of God.  Next week’s bulletin will focus on the image of God found in the Scriptures through the eyes of Jesus.

Important Announcement about Mass Intentions

At every mass the priest has one or two special intentions.  I try to remember them at the moment of consecration.  The donation for the mass is a way to say thank you to the priest for celebrating the mass and remembering that intention.  When I first arrived at Fourteen Holy Helpers there were some masses with two intentions. I stopped the practice because there were many masses with no intentions.  The mass book is almost filled for this year and we have some intentions from past years.  Therefore starting this June, I will be allowing two intentions to be scheduled for every mass.  When a priest celebrates a mass with two intentions the second donation (stipend) goes to a charity not to the priest.

Thank you again for your support.

May the Holy Family come to our aid and that of the whole world.  May the Holy Spirit set our hearts on fire with Divine Love.

             In our Risen Lord,

Fr. David

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