Practices to strengthen our community

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

St. John of the Cross said “Silence is God’s first language.” Many of the saints throughout the ages have taught us that we need to be silent. In this silence, we become one with God and He speaks to us in the depths of our hearts. It is in this connection with God we find new life.  This silence calls us to be still and open to God in love.  Slowly repeating a word or short phrase from the Bible can help quiet our minds to hear Jesus. Then, when we do speak, our words will give life because they will flow from God.

Four practices you can do to strengthen our community.  First, be a person of prayer. Praying in a way that brings you into conversation with God so you can pour out your heart to Him and let Him pour His heart into you.  Also ask God to become His instrument in our broken world.  Remember to pray for and with others. Second, really listen to others. So often when someone is speaking we are thinking about how we are going to respond and we miss what they are really saying with the tone of their voice, body language and what they are not saying. A lot of communication is nonverbal, that is why texting falls short.  Thirdly, stay informed about what is happening by checking out official sources.  Fourth, don’t let people pull you into their anger. When we get angry the thinking part of our brain shuts down. Stay focused on Christ and remain calm.                  

Good and loving Shepherd we are grateful for Your care and love, please help us to be Your hands and voice to all we meet today.

In Christ,

Fr. David

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