Are you ready for Lent?

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends,

Bill Frank, an active volunteer, has gone home to the Lord Jesus.  I know many parishioners and myself will miss him.  He assisted me in many ways and I am thankful for his support and love he showed our parish.  May Jesus grant him eternal rest with his lovely wife Cindy and mother-in-law Lorraine.

Lent is a time for spiritual growth. Since our relationship with Jesus is the rock foundation of our lives, Lent becomes a very important time to strengthen this foundation. It seems that those who have a weak foundation have given up, at least temporally, on the Church because of the terrible scandal. Those with a strong foundation are seeking ways to support and strengthen the Church especially with helping the victims. Lent is almost here. Are you ready? At the doors of the Church are some Lenten materials to assist you. What else are you willing to do?  What are you willing to give up as a way of helping yourself to grow and saying thank you to Jesus for His gift of redemption.  Why not give up a bad habit which you are not going to start up on again Easter!  Forty days is the length needed to start a new habit. 

Through our observance of Lent may all of us build a strong foundation on Jesus.  May the Holy Family bless our Lenten journey and watch over our families.


Fr. David

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