The Spirit unites us in love

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

I have two items I would like to discuss with you.  First, we are one body, the mystical body of Christ.  This concept comes from St Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians chapter 12:7-32. St. Paul comes to this conclusion because the Holy Spirit gives each of us different gifts and only when we all work together can we bring about the kingdom of God and society can become healthy again.  It is the Spirit that unites us in love and does not divide.  Are our actions uniting or dividing?  Are we willing to work through our differences and find common ground? Are we willing to discern what the Spirit is asking of us and our community?  The course of action that is loving and uniting is the course of action the Holy Spirit is asking us to take knowing that God will give us all we need to accomplish it.

Second, thank you for still coming to Church and supporting our Parish.  Those who have chosen not to give are hurting every parishioner.  Our Financial statements have shown over the past years a drop in the collections.    Without Chesterton Academy renting from us we have another drop in rent income.   This year there was a $ 3,696 defect.  My staff and myself have done all we can to cut expenses and not to cut any of the wonderful events here at Fourteen Holy Helpers.  I am asking you to prayerfully examine what you give and see if it is at all possible to give a little more.  If you cannot, I fully understand, if you can, I greatly appreciate it.  What about the money we send to the Diocese?  I want to remind you that the parishes receive services for this money.  The Diocesan lawyers have assisted me on different occasions, the office of Worship has helped parishioners with trainings, the Office of Religious Education helps our Director and her teachers, the Insurance Department has assisted us on many occasions, and the list goes on.  To hurt the Diocese or anyone else is to hurt ourselves.  As St. Paul reminds us we are one body.  There are no sides to take because Christ holds us all together.

Lord help us to see what we have in common and center our lives on You.

Peace and joy,

Fr. David

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