Advent is a season of hope

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

              I hope all of you had a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.  Today begins Advent.  Advent is a season of hope; people longing for the coming of their Savior.  Do we still long for Him to come and help us, the Church and the world in a powerful way?  The key to experiencing the power of the Advent and Christmas Seasons is by seeing how your life and the Life of God, as seen in the Scriptures, are intimately connected.  It is in the events of our lives, our story, that we encounter God, who is Emmanuel, the God who is with us.  Too many times we see them separate from each other.  St. Paul calls us “to stay awake.”  To be fully awake means to see the wonders of God’s presence in our lives and all around us, especially to see the beauty that lies underneath the surface. 

For example, some send Christmas cards because they have to, others send Christmas cards because they want to announce the Good News like the angels and brighten someone’s day.  Some even say a prayer for the person as they write each card.  Look at the wonderful people in the Scriptures and see how their lives intertwine with your life.  Mary and Joseph had to change their plans and travel to Bethlehem; did you ever have an event interrupt your plans and take you in a whole new direction?  Can you see how God was present and watching over you?  Then they weren’t able to go home but had to travel 600 miles to Egypt.  Reflect upon where your life journey has taken you and can you see Jesus’ presence in your life?  Simeon and Anna, both up in age, play a crucial role in giving people hope by pointing out that Jesus has come.  Even though it will be another 30 years before Jesus begins His ministry, they, especially Anna, wanted people to know the Good News.  When have you celebrated the good events that happened in your own life or in another person’s life?  The Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph were anxious when they learned Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem.  Have you ever been anxious?  Did God assist you like He assisted Mary and Joseph?  Did everything work out okay?  Take time this Advent and Christmas to discover the beautiful connection between your life and God’s life.  Remember you can even do this as you wait in line in a store.

We have many great events happening this Advent and they are for everyone.  Even if you live by yourself you are invited to all the family events.  If you can bring someone young or old that is great.  I hope to see you frequently during the Advent and Christmas Seasons.

May the God of Love, who sent His Son Jesus to let you know how much you are loved, draw you closer to His heart and bless you and your families.

In Advent hope,

Fr. David

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