Reason for the Season

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

           I saw a disturbing commercial this past week.  The women is saying how she beat cancer and now she has her life back.  Then she says I beat cancer because of science so please donate to cancer research.  She beat cancer not because of science, but because of God.  God who guides the researchers, doctors, nurses and I presumed someone prayed for her and God heard their prayers.  So many times people ask me why there aren’t miracles happening today.  There are many miracles happening all the time.  Some happen through the hands of doctors and nurses, others through the Church’s sacraments and many through prayer.  I have personally witnessed many miraculous healings.  These show that God is very active in our community.

I am very grateful to Jesus that He is still acting as the Good Shepherd in our lives and world.  I am grateful for the generous people of Fourteen Holy Helpers.  I am very blessed to have a strong staff and wonderful volunteers working beside me these past 9 years.  I look forward to 2020 with hope and expectation that together we will continue to strengthen our parish and community. 

As we get ready for the Holiday rush may Jesus help us keep our eyes fixed on the real reason for these Holidays.  Thanksgiving is meant to be a time for giving thanks for the people in our lives and for what we have received, Advent is for making room for Jesus in our busy lives, Christmas is for us to realize the tremendous love God has for us in sending His Son as our Savor and for us to strengthen relationships with family and friends.

Peace, Fr. David

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