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From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

Communication between the pastor and the parishioners is very important.  One method is to use questionnaires.  Thank you to the many parishioners who returned the first one. The results have been shared with the Parish Council and more discussions will be taking place.  Because of so many activities taking place over the next couple of months, the parish wide meeting will need to be moved to after the new year.

Before the rush of the holidays, I am asking you to fill out another questionnaire.  This one will focus on liturgical music.  All the questions are important, but the most important question is asking for names of songs that you would like to hear at Mass and services.  Every member of the family can fill out a questionnaire.  The music questionnaires are located at the doors of the Church; please participate in this important fact finding endeavor.  I am hoping that the music questionnaire will be on the webpage in a couple of weeks.

The parish Council is off to a great beginning.  The members are: Joann Daley, Joelle and Ben Forenzo, Bill Frank, Dottie Kielb, Stella Kline, Paulla Kurzawa, Jim Mills, Bernie Modrzynski, Ginny Stolarski, Mike Wass, Joy Katilus and Tom Wojcik.  Right now the meetings are closed as the Council is developing its role.  If you have any concerns or ideas feel free to take it to one of the members so the issue can be discussed at one of the meetings

May God bless us and empower us to do all that we can to transform the world around us and help us to always find hope in His promises.

In Christ,

Fr. David

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