Anonymous pennies only hurt

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

Kim Boyer who was our part time secretary will be taking a full time position with Erie Community College.  Unfortunately, her last day with us was last Friday, October 4th.  I have enjoyed working with her in the many positions that she has held here at Fourteen Holy Helpers.  The Staff along with myself wish her all the best in her new job.  I am grateful for the many ways she promoted the parish and the wonderful work she has done with our new electronic sign and banner printer.  We will be looking for someone to fill this part time position. 

Another important topic: Last weekend 32 people placed pennies in the collection basket.  Only one person included the penny with their regular donation to let me know the person thinks the Bishop should resign, but did not want the hurt the parish by holding back their donation.  There was an ad in the newspaper telling people to only give a penny in the collection and hold back their donations.  This would force the parish to have financial difficulties, and in turn force the pastor to take action against Bishop Malone.  This is called manipulation.   It is a dangerous game to play because the individuals act as if they know the mind of God.  These individuals are not open to looking at other possibilities by dialoguing, or working with others, who see things differently, to make the situation better.  This action on the part of these individuals is damaging our faith community.

May Almighty God help us to think clearly and give us Divine guidance so we will not be controlled by our fears, anger or other people.

In hope,

Fr. David

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