Will you pay the price?

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             Today’s Gospel asks us to calculate the cost of following Jesus and to be willing to pay the price.  Remember Jesus is on His way to be mocked and crucified.   Many converts make the best Catholics because they realize the cost of converting.  Some have told me that their families will no longer talk with them; others are now outcasts at family gatherings.  It is hard to be a Catholic in the world today and we are tempted to play it safe and keep quiet.  This attitude has pervaded for some time and things only get worse.  We need to seek out God’s will, because with His help we can rebuild a better world and save our families.  Silence is a powerful tool that allows the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts and gently guide us.  A Scripture passage, reciting a prayer slowly, a sacred picture, centering prayer are all ways of helping us to focus on the Lord and not on ourselves or the problems that surround us.  Let us become a source of encouragement to all those we meet and to those who are trying to make things better.  May the Holy Spirit guide our words and make our conversations more positive.  We know there is much to be thankful for and these problems are not the whole picture.

Guide us Holy Spirit and transform Your Church into a beacon of light to lead all people to Jesus Christ.

  In God’s peace,

Fr. David

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