St. Monica and St. Augustine

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             This week we celebrated the feasts of St. Monica and St Augustine.  St. Monica is known for all the years she prayed for the conversion of her son and her pagan husband.  She worked along with St. Ambrose to bring St. Augustine back to the faith.  Before her death,  she experienced her son’s conversion.  St. Augustine, being a great thinker, left the faith in search for truth.  His journey would take him far and wide before he would realize the truth taught by the Church.  After coming back to the Church, he would become the Bishop of Hippo for thirty-four years.  During this time he would take care of his people by teaching them, helping them grow in their faith and tirelessly working to protect them from errors of the time. He was a prolific writer and his writing had a large impact on Philosophy and Theology, especially his work Confessions.

Both of these Saints witness to us the need for constant prayer and the openness to allow God to lead us.  St. Monica praying and working hard for conversions.  Because St. Augustine combined his great thinking ability with a deep prayer life, he was able to lead others to Christ.  He would receive the title Doctor of the Church, which is the highest title bestowed by the Church.

May St. Monica and St. Augustine intercede for us and the whole Church.  May we have the strength to follow their example in persevering in our life to attain our heavenly rewards.

In God’s eternal love,

Fr. David

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