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From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners,

             On Wednesday I sent you a very important letter.  If you did not receive the letter please call the rectory to make sure we have your correct mailing information.  It is my hope that something in the letter can help everyone connect to Christ and our parish.

             For this to happen, I need you to discuss the letter with family, friends and neighbors.  Only through personal contact will we strengthen our parish and reach out to those who have left.  Your personal invite can become the words of God when spoken with love.  You might be thinking I have invited others and they have not responded positively.  Realize you still helped God move the person in the right direction.  Ask the Holy Spirit to make you an instrument in bringing people to Him.  Then stay open to His guidance and trust He will put the right words in your mouth. 

May the Lord Jesus be the light in the darkness and bless us with His peace.

In Christ’s hope,

Fr. David  

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