A wonderful time to remember

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

              This July  4th weekend is a wonderful time to remember, we live in a great nation.  Yes our country has it faults and struggles, but when you see so many people fleeing their country and  trying to enter the United States it reminds us of all of our freedoms. An outstanding nation becomes outstanding not because of a great government but by citizens who are willing to remember the great price that was paid for their freedoms and that every freedom comes with a responsibility. No one has the right to advance their freedom at the cost of another person’s freedom or even their life. Independence  Day should also remind us that we are free from the rule of another nation but need to be dependent on God.

We also belong to a great kingdom, God’s kingdom.  This kingdom has been made strong by the people who where willing to make Christ the center of their lives and do His will no matter what the cost.  Their strength flowed from Jesus.  As followers of Christ, we are called to build His kingdom on earth; kingdom that shows God’s mercy, forgiveness, love and deep respect for all people.  We draw strength from our prayer life, the Sacraments, and from each other. 

Each night when we go to bed, may we thank the Lord Jesus for the ways He blessed us that day, and may we also be able to say to Jesus, “thank you for allowing me to be a blessing to someone today.”

May the Holy family bless each of our families with peace and love.

In Peace,

Fr. David

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