Proud to be a priest

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

            A priest sabbatical is a time for intense study, spiritual growth and rest.  The reason I did not want a parish celebration for my anniversary was because I was hoping to take a sabbatical this summer for the months of June – August.  It did not come to fruition. 

Even with all the problems the Church is going through, I am very proud to be a Roman Catholic priest.  As I reflect upon my thirty years as a priest, I realized that I had a dynamic ministry only because of God’s assistance, help from the saints, my family, friends, my staff and parishioners.  I lost count of the number of people who have told me, “I pray for you every day.”  There are days when I know everything was accomplished by the prayers of these people and not by my own efforts. 

I want to thank everyone who congratulated me for my thirty years of priesthood.  Especially, during these difficult times, your support and prayers have and always will be very important me.   I have been very blessed these thirty years and I look forward to what the future will hold.

May Almighty God hold all of us in the palm of His Hands.  May the Holy Family strengthen all of our families.

  In Christ,

Fr. David

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