Morning Prayer to the Holy Spirit

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

              Next Sunday is Pentecost, the Feast of the Holy Spirit.  The Church has flourished for two thousands years because of the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  There are times in her history that the Church has suffered from scandals and major problems and it is only because of the Spirit’s guidance that she grew stronger and did not go out of existence.  We need to be invoking the Holy Spirit to guide our personal lives and the whole Church.  We can experience the Spirit’s help through listening to God’s voice in the scriptures, at Mass, personal prayer, listening to others and taking time to be silent.  I heard it said that silence is God’s first language.  Even when there is no noise around us, there is lots of noise within us.  Try to spend some time this week just being quiet.  If distractions come, try repeating a short prayer like Jesus, I love you, or Jesus I trust in you.  You can also use a line from sacred Scripture like The Lord is my Shepherd or Be not afraid.  Before or after your time of being quiet tell Jesus what is on your heart.  He loves hearing from you.

Here is one of my favorite prayers to the Holy Spirit.

Morning Prayer To The Holy Spirit

0 Holy and astounding Spirit,

You catch me by surprise at least once a day

with the freshness of your love

and the unpredictability of your presence—

especially in humble things

that somehow give me immense joy.

Some moments are completely now, full of joy

as uplifting as the dawning sun,

and those moments come from you, day by day.

Stand behind me today when I’m right

and ought to be more determined,

and block my way when I‘m being

unreasonable and ought to back off.

Teach me true compassion for those in need,

so I can be of genuine help to someone.

Bless me, today, Holy Spirit, and astound me again. Amen

Come Holy Spirit, guide your struggling Church with Your seven fold gifts.  Fill our hearts and those of all who believe in Jesus with Divine Love and may this love burn so brightly that others will find their way to Christ.

In Easter hope,

Fr. David

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