Connection to Jesus the Divine Physician

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             There are three truths that guide us through difficult times.  First, that we are unconditionally loved by God.  Second, that God desires our well-being.  Third, God is bigger than all evil; therefore He can bring goodness out of every situation.  Jesus never doubted these truths, that is why He stayed connected to His loving Father through prayer and action.  We also need to stay connected to God.

Points to help you stay connected to Jesus the Divine Physician.

1. On the day of your baptism God called you His beloved daughter or son.  Take a few moments to ponder this truth.

2. We live in a world of instant fixes, but because we are organic it will take time to heal.  There are no quick fixes.

3. Let all your prayers lead you to a heart-to-heart conversation with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Mary

4. Make sure you have a companion for the journey through your sickness.  A companion is someone who will pray with and for you, help you see the positive in everything, will cry and laugh with you and will listen as you tell them what you are experiencing.

5. Invite Jesus to be a part of everything you do, especially when you are visiting a doctor or going for a treatment.

6. At the end of each day or the next morning, focus on what went well and thank God for the blessing.  The more you do this the more you will realize that God is right by your side helping you and loving you.

7. The Peace of Jesus is not the absence of conflict or problems; it is the belief that He, the Good Shepherd, will safely lead you through the problems and give you refreshment and peace.

8. If you find it hard to pray to God or Jesus, pray to Mary or one of the saints.  All the Saints want to help you.  Even your loved ones who have made it home to heaven are still with you, encouraging you and loving you.  They always hold you close to their hearts.

May Divine guidance always be yours. May The Good Shepherd, Jesus, shepherd you and lead you to a place of refreshment light and peace.


Fr. David

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