What is happening with … 12-May-2019

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

The staff along with myself would like to wish all mothers, grandmothers, godmothers and those who take the role of a mother … a Happy and Blessed Mothers’ Day.

What is happening with…

Air Conditioning the Hall: The Finance Committee and myself have reviewed all the bids and made a decision on who should do the work.  All the information has been sent down to the Diocesan Building and Ground Department for review.  They have worked with companies throughout Western New York and have much experience.  I trust they will properly guide us.  After hearing from them, we will sign the contracts.  The $79,000 for this project is coming from those who are paying on their Upon the Rock pledges and the money we made from last year’s SummerFest.  It is very important that those who have pledged keep paying on their pledges.

Lighting and Sound System for the Church:  After five years of working on the project we have found the right lights that will brighten our Church and accent it’s beauty.  I have also been working with Mark Audio Company to try new microphones and partly a new system to improve the quality of the sound system.  The $26,000 needed for these projects is coming out of the Parish Renovation Fund.  Monies in this Fund came from donations in memory of individuals or donations specific for improving the parish.

Parish Council: It is my hope to get our Parish Council active by June.  Those who have shown an interest in being on the Council will be contacted.

New Mass Schedule:  Changing the Mass schedule has been postponed until I can get more feedback from the parishioners.  Therefore, there are masses now available for this year.

As we journey through Easter may we embrace the new life Jesus offers us and spread hope.


             Fr. David

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