Thanks for a Special Gift … 28-Apr-2019

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

            As I reflect upon Easter and the massacres in Sri Lanka that happened on Easter, I am drawn into the mystery that the Death and Resurrection of Jesus calls us to be reconciled with each other.  To enable this to happen, we need to see each other as brothers and sisters and to have an open mind to learn from all those we meet.  People who do not know who God really is are willing to do evil in the name of God.  As Catholics, our lives should emulate the Gospel of Jesus, which is one of peace, reconciliation and gratitude.

Some years ago a king was celebrating his birthday.  Many of his loyal subjects came to congratulate him and offer gifts.  A diver came in and offered him a pearl of great price.  The king knew to acquire the pearl a diver must risk his life and some died trying to accomplish this goal.  The king was moved by not just the gift but by the dedication the diver had to acquire the gift.  The king, with a grateful heart, saw the pearl and the efforts of the diver as the total gift. 

It took many hours for my staff and volunteers to prepare the parish for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter celebrations.  These are special gifts of love to you.  The celebrations were outstanding.  Thank you to Patrick Barrett, our Choir, Terry O’Shei, and the Voices of Praise for musically lifting up our hearts; to the Lectors, Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Greeters and Ushers for making the celebrations run smoothly; our decorating committee who outdid themselves this year – the Church is beautiful.  A special thank you to my staff: Suzanne Pionessa, Kim Boyer, Rick Donovan, Patrick Barrett, Wayne Ludescher  and David Friol  who are always working behind the scenes to make our parish shine. Finally thank you to all who attended, because without you all of this would have been in vain. It is our hope that we were able to strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ.

May this special time with Jesus help us to see as Jesus sees, so we will not be fooled by the illusions of this world and may Jesus enable us to clearly hear His voice.

In Easter joy,

Fr. David

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