Pray for Healing … 07-Apr-2019

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

In our Diocese, this Lent begins a Year of Prayer for the Healing of Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse and for the Church.  That is why there is a purple candle burning by the St. Joseph statue.  St. Joseph is the patron saint of the entire Church throughout the world and of our Diocese.  After the scandal broke, people began sharing their stories of how they were abused by family members or relatives, not by priests.  Abuse in our culture is intensifying.  Therefore, I am asking for your prayers not just for those abused by clergy but also for all the abused to find needed healing and for abusers to be transformed.  Our Church also needs prayers not just because of the scandal but also for all of her brokenness. 

On this site you will find the Diocesan Prayer For Healing (LINK) and a prayer to St. Joseph (LINK).  Feel free to use these prayers, the Prayer of St. Francis or your own personal prayers.  Lastly, anything you can do to assist those who are hurting and/or your Church please do it in the name of Christ.

Thank you for the being God’s faithful children.  May the Light of Christ bring healing and transformation to our world and us.


Fr. David

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