Remember for the next 40 days … 10-Mar-2019

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

Remember for the next forty days:

             Never take your eyes off of Jesus.  The Trinity’s love for you knows no limits.  That is why God sent His Son, Jesus, to save you and why He blesses you every day.  Believe it or not Jesus rejoices over you because you are His brother or sister. 

             Because God loves you so much, He wants to hear from you.  Pray and don’t forget to tell Him all that is happening in your life and give thanks as you review your day.

The Holy Trinity’s love for you invites you to freedom from worries, anxiety, bad habits and all that holds you bound.  By allowing God to be the center of our life and our prize possession we find the strength to change and become fully alive in Christ.  Fasting helps us do this by refraining from what we don’t need.  When we fast with the intention of helping someone, we can turn the cravings into a prayer for God to bless that person.

Thirdly, because God loves the world also, He is asking you to build a better world by being present and listening to those you meet, and by using your talents and possessions to assist those in need.

Last but not least, we need others’ assistance to enable us to open ourselves up to the transforming love of Jesus.  Who will be praying and helping you?  Who will you be praying for, making sacrifices for, and helping this Lent.  Once a week there is a mass celebrated for you.  Be assured of my prayers and please pray for me.

In Hope filled expectation,

Fr. David

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