A Season of Hope … 1-Dec-2018

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

Advent is a season of hope. Hope grows out of faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus will guide us through the storms and make everything work out. We need to work along side Him. This is not easy because there are so many illusions around us. The newspaper wants you to believe that the Church is just beginning to correct her problems. When I entered the seminary in 1980, all those applying had to go through psychological testing, a series of extensive interviews as well as provide references from all walks of life. Even back then the Church was already trying to correct the problems in the priesthood. That is why all the cases you hear about are old. As we work with Jesus, we realize that He is enabling us to bring about more reconciliation, love, mercy and happiness in our families and community. Ask Jesus to make you His special instrument so that all those you encounter will experience Jesus through you.

Almighty God it is hard for us to wait, may we hear the voices of the prophets who waited with great expectation for You to come and save them. Lord help us to wait with great expectations for the day Your kingdom will be fully realized here on earth.

In hope,

Fr. David

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