Freedom Isn’t Free … 11-Nov-2018

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

I could not imagine the horror of being a soldier in combat.  Not knowing if this is going to be the day you will die and never see your family again, or watching fellow soldiers die.  The horror of war should make us dedicated to working for peace in our families and in our community so it can spread far and wide.  Second, it should help us develop a grateful heart for our veterans who endured the horror of war so we could have the freedoms we enjoy.  I had the privilege of ministering to some veterans.  After hearing of their struggles to put their lives back together, I realized the tremendous sacrifices they make for our nation.  Freedom isn’t free.  All the immigrants trying to enter our country, reminds us that even with our problems we have a great nation and everyone needs to work to help solve its problems.  We can strengthen our Country by our prayers, daily sacrifices and by supporting one another with encouraging words and acts of love.

May Almighty God, Father of all people, strengthen our nations so we can help other nations to build a world based on peace and justice.  May He heal our veterans and their families as they try to put their lives back together and may we show them how grateful we are for the sacrifices they make for us.

In hope,

Fr. David


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