Lessons Learned on Forgiveness … 28-Oct-2018

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

Last Monday we had a night devoted to forgiveness.  By seeing all those who attended, I was reminded of how much people wanted to live the Gospel message and not follow the world.  The world says get even, Christ says forgive.  People came and learned how to forgive others and themselves.  A very special thank you to Deacon Tom Scherr and Lorie Duquin who were very instrumental in making this event happen.  Thank you to Korri Spadone for sharing her faith journey to forgive.  I also want to thank our dynamic presenters:  SM. Elizabeth Mackowiak, Deacon Peter Donnelly, Fr. James Dugan S.J., Cheryl Calire, Deacon Greg Feary, Fourteen Holy Helpers’ staff and volunteers – Suzanne Pionessa, Kim Boyer, Rick Donovan, Sharon Voigt, Ginny Stolarski, and Religious Education volunteers who worked to make the evening a night of healing.

The night reminded me of many truths.  A few are: 1) we cannot let our hurts guide our decisions, we need to live as children of God, 2) Praying for ourselves and for the well being of the person who hurt us is very important, 3) use many different ways to pray, 4) God, who has commanded us to forgive, has also given us the power to forgive, 5) after you have done all that you can, you need to let go and place it in God’s loving hands.

May Almighty God continue the healing work He has begun and guide our Church to be a stronger instrument of mercy and healing.

With a grateful heart,

Fr. David


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