Where are the peacemakers? ….. 29-Sep-2018

From the Desk of Fr. David

Dear Friends in Christ,

I noticed two signs in front of non-Catholic Churches.  The first sign read, “Imperfectly following Jesus.”  The second read, “No matter what your past was, Jesus wants you.”  The signs call us to recognize who we are, and who Jesus is.  Jesus came to show us the tremendous love God has for us.  He was willing to take our sins to the cross.  This action reconciled us with God, our Father and gave us the power to heal all divisions.  The signs also remind us that even though we are imperfect we are still faithfully trying to follow Jesus.  I wish I knew what you are thinking and feeling.  Drop me a note if you want to share what is happening in your life.

It saddens me to see the Church is becoming divided by people taking sides and by others leaving the faith.  Where are the peacemakers?  As Catholics we are all called to be peacemakers.  To be a peacemaker, one must be willing to stand in the middle and help both sides move toward reconciliation and healing.  This is a difficult task that can only happen with much prayer and dialogue.  True dialogue involves listening on the deepest level to the other person and to God.  This is what the Apostles did every time they faced problems, challenges and persecutions.  Reading the Acts of the Apostles helps us encounter the Spirit of the Early Church.

Lord Jesus help us to be peacemakers and instruments of forgiveness.  Come Lord Jesus! Come we need You.

In Christ,

Fr. David


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