Transparency and Trust … 04-Aug-2018

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Many people believe they have the right to know everything.  Are you one of them?  The word transparency used to mean being truthful, no deception. Now people use the word to mean they want to know everything, even things that do not concern them.  Unfortunately they want to know everything so they can use it to exalt themselves, and sometimes control others.  I believe this has happened because of the lack of trust.

Trust is the foundation of all relationships.  Before we can trust again we need to ask Almighty God to watch over us and assist us in forgiving those who have hurt us and to help us forgive ourselves.  Forgiveness is not an easy process but it helps us to become healthier both physically and spiritually.  Forgiveness starts by constantly asking Jesus to help you forgive as He forgives.

Think about the great Saints and their checkered pasts.  For example St. Paul, after his conversion people didn’t believe he had changed, some even tried to kill him.  So he went back to his former career as a tent maker.  It was St. Barnabas who believed in his change of heart and helped him begin his marvelous ministry and the founding of many Christian communities.  About half of the New Testament is written by St. Paul.  St. Ignatius of Loyola was a soldier who fought in battles, went through a conversion, and became a soldier for Christ.  He founded the Jesuits Order because people believed that he had changed.  Look to the lives of the Saints and you will see many great sinners who become great Saints.  God focused on what they could become not on their past.

Not only do we see Jesus call individuals to become all they were created to be, we see the Church is called to be fully alive.  Church History is imbedded with hope.  For all the troubled times in Church history, we always see God taking an active role to assist the Church and get her back on the right tack.  He is always the Good Shepherd leading, guiding and healing.

Almighty God you sent your Son Jesus to reconcile us to Yourself and to each other, we beg You make us slow to judge and quick to show mercy.  Forgive us our sins and help us to forgive one another.  Aid us to help people to heal their past and build new futures based on Divine Love.  Jesus told us all things are possible for You, therefore we trust You, Almighty God to come to our aid.

Peace and joy,

Fr. David Bellittiere


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