Children of God … 15-Jul-2018

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Being children of God speaks to us as the beloved of God.  The Church teaches if you where the only one who ever live, God would still have sent His Son to redeem you.  This teaching speaks of how dear and precious you are to God.

Living as children of God gives us great freedom from this world’s concerns.  It enables us to have hope in a better tomorrow because God loves His children and will never abandon them.  To realize this hope for our world we need to work with Jesus.  We also realize that our dignity comes from God who created us and made us wonderful, see psalm 139.  It does not come from what we do or what people think of us.  Therefore when you are criticized, you don’t need to fall to pieces or give in to anger.  You need to ask yourself is there any truth in what was said.  If yes then what do I need to change; if no then let go and stop dwelling on what was said.  Living as a child of God challenges you to see beyond others’ faults and treat them also as children of God, as our brothers and sisters.

Keeping ourselves focused on Jesus and the truth that He has made us children of His Heavenly Father and His brothers and sisters is difficult and so many times we are tempted to lower our gaze and forget the dignity God has given us.  May we as the people of God with Jesus’ help use our words and actions to build up one another, abandon gossip and see the good in ourselves and others.  Never forget you are loved by Jesus beyond your wildest dreams.


In Christ’s love,

Fr. David


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