Fruits of Your Donations … 22-Apr-2018

From the Desk of Fr. David

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am delighted to inform you that we have received two disbursements from the Foundation of the Diocese of Buffalo for Upon This Rock – Building a Bright Future.  The amount so far totals $45,250.00  During the Campaign I mentioned that the money would be used to create and enhance parish programs, an electronic sign in front of the Church to inform the community about our wonderful parish, activities and promote the Catholic faith.  Air conditioning the Hall is still being considered and enclosing the front of the Church including the Shrine thereby creating a gathering area.  The Parish Finance Committee along with myself after considering the cost of the different projects have decided to start with the electronic sign because it will greatly benefit the parish at this time.  We have already received quotes ranging from $19,000 to $30,000 and will continue to update you as the project moves forward.  As more disbursements come in we will continue working on the above projects. Thank you to all who donated for this Campaign and thank you to all who continue to give in the weekly collection and volunteer to keep our parish vibrant.

A very special thank you to you for living your faith, thereby fortifying the Catholic Church.  Your warmth and openheartedness are amazing.  Many times visitors will say to me they felt welcomed and embraced by parishioners.  Thank you!

May Almighty God hold you and your loved ones in the palm of His Hands.  St. Peter and Fourteen Holy Helpers pray for us.

In Easter joy,

Fr. David


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