Alleluia, The Lord Jesus is risen … 01-Apr-2018

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

The Lord Jesus is risen and with us! 

Alleluia, Praise God, Alleluia!


Alleluia means praise God. One gift we praise God for is the splendor of Spring.  The grandeur of nature is again beginning to proclaim new life: birds singing, trees buds beginning to swell, crocus and daffodils peeking through the soil, and days getting longer.  Pause and remember all the beauty in your life and praise God.  St. Paul reminds us to make our petitions to God, rejoice always, give thanks and think about all that is good and then we will have God’s peace.

I would like to close with this poem that expresses my wishes for you and those you love.

When you’re lonely

I wish you love;

When you’re down

I wish you joy;

When you’re troubled

I wish you peace;

When things are complicated

I wish you simple beauty;

When things are chaotic

I wish you inner silence;

When things are empty

I wish you hope.

May Almighty God who raised Jesus, from the dead so you can have eternal life grant you all that you need, especially, faith, hope and love.  May Jesus, Mary and Joseph protect and guide you, your family and friends.

In Easter joy,

Fr. David Bellittiere



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