Aging is like the passion of Jesus … 4-Mar-2018

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

As we recall the story of Jesus we are challenged to see how our story intersects with His story. I received an email last year that reflected on how aging is like the passion. You cannot do the things you want to do – Jesus is bound and led away; many times misunderstood – Jesus’ motives are frequently misunderstood; sometimes embarrassed – Jesus throughout the passion is ridiculed; feelings of loneliness – Jesus is very much alone and feels abandoned; physical and emotional pain is great – Jesus suffers great physical and emotional pain as He is laughed at and suffocating on the cross. Prayerfully we can see many connections between our story at that of Jesus’ story. These connections remind us that Jesus knows what we are going through and is there to aid us. We are also reminded like Jesus we have a choice on how to live life. He chose to be loving and forgiving to the very end. What are you choosing this Lent?

I was told about a great website. It is On this website you can click on Lenten resources and find many different items to read or listen to or receive a daily email. On you can receive a daily email called the Best Lent Ever.

Especially during this Lenten Season may we pray for each other and do what we can to help those who are hurting. May God bless us and our family and friends with faith, hope, and love.

In joy,

Fr. David

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