Reach out to the Unchurched and Fallen Away … 21-Jan-2018

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

On the Feast of the Epiphany, I mentioned in my homily that 2018 in our parish needs to be a year of reaching out to fallen away Catholics and to the “unchurched”. The term unchurched refers to anyone who has not been raised in any faith. Years ago we thought of the  unchurched as those living in remote areas. We have come to realize that they are everywhere and their number are growing. The second largest “denomination” in the United States is fallen away Catholics. Many of you have shared with me that some of your own children or relatives have stopped practicing the faith.

The reason we need to dedicate this year to this purpose is because, after much prayer, I believe that God is asking this of us. Do I have a set plan or program? No, we will need to trust the Lord Jesus to guide us. We will be reaching out to the Diocesan Office of Evangelization and other resources to discern how to do this mission from the Lord. We will start with prayer. We need to frequently pray that we will be able to bring people to God and deepen the love others have for God. Any ideas you have please write them down and submit them to the rectory. Also I need every organization to reflect upon how they can participate in this great endeavor.

Lord Jesus Christ, our world and Church seem to be plagued with so many problems and the temptations to despair and give up are always knocking at the door of our hearts. We need You to renew us in the light of Your Resurrection and help us turn our downcast eyes up toward You. We need more than ever to to see Your presence among us and to hear Your voice offering us the fullness of life by staying close to Your side and allowing You to guide us through these difficult times. May Your parents, Mary and Joseph, wrap their cloaks around us and protect us.


Fr. David

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