Pick up your cross … 18-Feb-2018

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

Let us pick up our crosses and enter the Lenten desert together. Our first goal is to listen to the Lord Jesus and to each other. Listening is so difficult because our minds are constantly racing with thoughts and fears, and distractions are constantly bombarding our senses. When we attentively listen, our encounter with the other person is enriched. This is true with God or someone else communicating with us. Try your best to allow the words of the other person to sink into you.

Our second goal is to see how your story fits into the Divine story. For example, in today’s Gospel we hear about Jesus going into the desert and being tempted. Jesus found the silence He needed from His busy world in the desert, where do you find silence to encounter God and face temptations head on? Jesus struggled in the dessert, are you struggling right now in your life? How do you feel when you are being tempted? Do you think Jesus felt the same way? Angels ministered to Jesus, who are the angels in your life who have assisted you in your time of need?

This Lenten Season may we support one another and pray whole heartily for each other, especially for those who have lost their way.

Lenten joy,

Fr. David

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