A better world starts with ourselves … 14-Jan-2018

From the Desk of Fr. David

Dear Friends in Christ,

I forgot to include last week in my list of people to thank Ben and Joelle Forenzo and their helpers who made our New Year Eve party a smashing success. The ball drop was spectacular as well as the other activities. I would like to thank also those who watered the Poinsettias they still look beautiful. If I forgot anyone else, know that I am grateful to everyone who made Christmas special.

Lent is right around the corner; it starts February 14th. As you begin to reflect upon what you are going to do this Lent, remember our Lenten actions are to help make our world a better place by starting with ourselves. In other words, at the end of Lent our relationship with Jesus and others should be deeper and through our prayer and fasting those who are physically or spiritually in need may experience God’s help though our actions.

Lord Jesus teach us to be thankful for all we have received and help us to be generous to those we meet.


Fr. David

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