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Masses Available Over the Internet.   Well over 500 people have taken advantage of the recording of selected weekend Masses that are available to you over the internet. Audio recordings are available for download for listening on your computer or for podcast access to an MP3 player. 10 Masses are available for access with additional recordings being added regularly. If you use an RSS reader, that subscription service is also available. There is no charge for access to our Mass recordings. Interested? Go to 14 Holy Helpers Audio Recordings for more details.

Are you an iPod user? Download our Masses to your iPod from Apple iTunes for FREE! A link is available on our Audio Page.

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2 Responses

  1. Matthew R Carnevale Jr says:

    Hello Father,
    My other question is the lineup of HH on the prayer card on your parish website. Is this correct?
    Top row: Saint Barbara, Infant Jesus and the BVM, Saint Margaret, Saint Catherine of Alexandria
    Middle row: Saint Giles, Saint Denis?, Saint Eustace, Saint Blase, Saint Pantaleon?, Saint Erasmus
    Bottom row: Saint Achatius, Saint Vitus, Saint Christopher with the Christ Child, Saint Cyriacus, Saint George
    The ones that did not fully correspond to expectations were what appears to be Saint Denis and Saint Pantaleon.
    Please let me know. Many thanks.

  2. Matthew R Carnevale Jr says:

    Hello Father–
    I am a Catholic High School Theology teacher in New Hampshire and would like to provide high quality images to my students this fall of the 14 Holy Helpers. When researching on the internet, I came across your parish. You must be the only parish that has 14 feast days (because Cyriacus and the entire group are on the same day)! Would it be possible to obtain high quality digital images of each of your 14 Holy Helper stained glass windows and the altarpiece painting that we could then print out on our end on archival quality paper and post in our classroom? Also, is it possible to obtain a high quality image of the picture on the prayer card on your parish website, suitable for printing? I have one other question that I will send in a separate email. Please let me know if it would be possible and what the expected donation would be. This would be at my own expense. Given that the HH were invoked in time of pandemic, you definitely are pastor of the right intercessors for these challenging times. Take care and God bless. I look forward to hearing from you. Matthew

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